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Point to Surface Reporting Enhancement

Question asked by Eric Condemilicor on May 24, 2019
Latest reply on May 30, 2019 by Alan Sharp

Why is that when I process point to surface report shows numerical order after clicking "From" column but by clicking "show report" for final printing will revert back to the original order? Please see below

Clients always complaining especially I have thousands of points to report.


I know I asked this before but the request of our clients and our own engineer is to be able for them to see separate groups of "out of tolerance" delta elevation or different color that I can set using criteria before running the report so they can spot it easily by comparing my report and plan view of the as-built/certification maps using the point numbers.


As a licensed surveyor, I certify our grading work by proving them a letter of certification and maps or provide as-built maps, so to protect myself I send them both the report and maps so they can compare using the point numbers.