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Select specific attributes to place as text

Question asked by Ross McAtamney on Jun 24, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 6, 2019 by Katie Byron

Currently when placing text against a point, for example, we seem to only be able to put either all attributes against that point or none. There appears to be no way to select just a specific attribute for placing text, which would make sense as many users would want to collect more attributes in the digital form than show in a printed result.


This is important for things like Trees, where if a tree was picked up from a scan using the Extract Point Feature tool, we are able to map trunk, spread and height (amongst others). When a user goes to place text on a tree collected using this method for just the height, they don't seem to be able to as TBC only lets them place all or nothing. 


If I am missing a setting here sorry, happy to climb down from my soapbox if someone has a simple (there are other more complex workarounds in TBC) method for doing this!