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Anyone using UASMaster stereo for mapping?

Question asked by Rami Kopelman on Jul 2, 2019

I am using UASMaster with DJI Phantom 4 Pro images for features extraction. The Best-fit-Stereo tool is automatically selecting 2 images for stereo view of any selected area. The problem is inconsistency in Z value of the same point when measured in 2 different sets of Best-fit-Stereo images.

Because of the large overlap between images, every point is visible in more than one Best-fit-Stereo pair. My experience is that there might be several cm, some times 10cm and even more difference in the extracted Z value of the exact same point when measured in 2 different Best-fit-Stereo pairs.

Of course mapping can not be done and trusted for accuracy with this behavior of the SW.


Anyone experience this as well? Any thoughts?