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GDB Export and Feature Alias Being Maintained

Question asked by Scott Lehr on Aug 1, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 13, 2019 by Scott Lehr

I am having an issue with the GIS connection manager.


I have a custom FXL we have designed for all survey activities. When I export the features to a Geodatabase it changes the feature name to be compatible with a Geodatabase format. However it would be nice it it would maintain the FXL name as the Feature class' Alias. 


The reason the alias is important is that when a user goes to update the GDB (with future survey activities) using the GIS Connection Manager it will no longer recognize the original FXL name in the GDB. 


My solution has been to manually go into the GDB and manually rename all the alias' back to the original FXL name for a given feature class. But for several hundred feature classes this is cumbersome. 



 As seen in the FDM


Once exported to the GDB


After Manual edit to make it compatible with GIS connection manager for future writing to GDB. 


Possible update to future versions of TBC