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Topsoil re-spread thickness in the Takeoff Report

Question asked by Ben Underwood on Aug 1, 2019

Can the takeoff report be modified to include topsoil re-spread areas and re-spread thickness under either the Area-Limited Topsoil Volumes or Site Improvement Quantities portions of the takeoff report?  All other items, including the topsoil stripping, list the individual areas and the thickness applied to each area.


I have tried to work around the fact that topsoil re-spread thickness is not reported by using a Landscaping/Topsoil site improvement with grass seed, setting the thickness of the grass seed to 0.00, but the Site Improvement Quantities portion of the report only list the grass seed and ignores the topsoil.  The only option I have currently is to create multiple topsoil with grass seed site improvements for each topsoil thickness required with the topsoil thickness indicated in the name of the site improvement.  The Site Improvement Quantities portion of the report seems like it should show the topsoil thickness since it is included at the bottom of the Landscape/Topsoil pane in the material and site improvement manager.


Why is topsoil re-spread the only material that does not report a thickness?