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Siteworks Crashing

Question asked by Ben Ryschon on Aug 7, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 8, 2019 by Steve DiBenedetto

I have been dealing with Siteworks crashing for what seems to be no reason.  The nearest I can tell is if you start moving around to fast in it.  It will crash and say something like Siteworks is not available or something like that.  I had it do this to me in the middle of site cal right after I moved my base to the next set up.  When I shot the next control point I had a big vertical error which made me think that the HI was not carried over.  Now this presents a two fold issue.  I tried to reset my base with the correct HI since it still was holding the temp point name I shot to move my base up to.  This is when the crash happened and I lost everything.  Now I have to go back and start over again.  Maybe I shouldn't have tried to edit my base position or the software won't allow me to.  Either way I think there should be an option to edit that setup in the event something like this happens.  I use a fixed height tripod for my base so it usually always holds the same height every time I set it up once it has been set up on a job site.  I also think that when doing a site cal and using the moving base option Siteworks should save all the base positions you used to complete the calibration.  But hey that's just me.  Also, I am using the most up to date firmware 1.10 on a TSC7.  If someone could tell me where to find the error log/file I would gladly send it along. I have the Auto send diagnostics enabled so maybe it sent it already.