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Modeling Tip - Use Side Slopes to clean up linework

Discussion created by Patrick L'heureux on Aug 30, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 9, 2020 by steve schuler

Cleaning up contours to elevate edge of pavement from can be a pain and tedious. 



Here is a trick I found. I think it speeds up contour cleanup along edges of pavement, especially for site style projects. 




  1. Elevate edge of pavement
    • Could be as simple as putting it at elevation 1. This is just so that the create side slope function will work  
  2. Use create side slope
    • Create two lines far enough on either side of the edge of pavement to trim the bad contour data
  3. Join the side slope lines to create a closed polyline
  4. Join the contours to be trimmed
  5. Use the clip command
    • Make sure to use the "Remove lines inside bounding lines" method
    • Select the lines to line and the bounding line
  6. Turn off edit layers
  7. Use the trim/extend command and extend the trim turns to the the edge of pavement
  8. Elevate edge of pavement using the elevate lines commands


Process in action:




I think it works pretty well. They one thing that would make this easier is a polyline select function.



If anyone has any other tricks, feel free to share.