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Point Cloud Sampling

Question asked by Ben Ryschon on Sep 5, 2019
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I got a point cloud in which I have classified into regions.  The Ground region still has some clumps of vegetation that I need to get removed before I start building a surface to run volumes on.  I select the top of the stockpile where I got this extra vegetation and I ran the sample by intensity command which worked real well.  However, I noticed that when I tried to add that sampled region to the high veg region the ground region still has the data that I though I extracted.  I am guessing I have to create a new region just for the the top of the stockpile and then run the intensity command and add that to a new region along with what was left over from the ground region to create my new cleaned ground point cloud.  Am I right?  If so it would be nice if you could possibly make a command where you could select by intensity in addition to the polygon so that you go do all this in one step.  Again if I am missing something here please let me know.  It seems that intensity region is still tied to whatever region, in this case the ground region and therefore copies if you will the data and not remove the data like polygon selection does.


Thanks, Ben