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Turn off Site Improvement Calculation

Question asked by Richard Tyndall on Sep 26, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 28, 2019 by Alan Sharp

What is the suggested method to stop/toggle the "Finished design/Apply Site Improvements" calculation from occurring with every change made to a surface member. I have come up with a way but I was hoping an easier/quicker way exists that I am missing. It really slows down the process when making changes, etc after "Simple Subgrade Adjustments" have been applied.


Once I have my FG surface (note: not using takeoff surfaces yet at this point in the process) created for Machine Control and Layout purposes, on occasion, I will use the Takeoff routines to create a "Simple Subgrade" surface for upload to Propeller or other uses. I do this by adding the my FG surface as a member of the "Finished Design" surface and only categorize the layers I need to define the subgrade boundaries. I figure that will insure that the Finished Design surface is always in sync with the my FG surface regardless of what layers are categorized as Design. So far, it appears to work as expected. If there is an easier way to accomplish this other then using the Design tab please let me know.  Note; there are members of the FG surface that are also on layers that are categorized on the Design tab. (I understand the functionality and purpose of using the Category tabs to define the surface members but I have found that workflow somewhat cumbersome/limiting and find it much more efficient and less chance of error to create members and add/rebuild my working surface at my will.)    


The only way I have found to stop the subject calculation from occurring, is to re-assign any layers on the Design tab to the Unused tab. I also tried to simply set any/all takeoff and isopatch surfaces to "Show Empty" but that doesn't do the trick.


Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.