Ross McAtamney

Importing VCE files into one another

Discussion created by Ross McAtamney on Sep 30, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 4, 2019 by Joshua Cho

There are certain workflows we are struggling with in TBC with the inability to import VCE files into one another (or even be able to reference different filetypes into TBC).


While not limited to, it is particularly an issue with SX10 data and retaining the connection between scan data and linework. There is no process to share scan and line data together between VCE files cleanly and easily (that I am aware of). This causes a couple big of issues:

  • Scan data needs to be processed in a single file, slowing down importing and computations.
  • Processing larger datasets is slower and more complicated
    • It is hard to process individual days as scans are still being collected.
  • Fieldwork issues and corrections in larger projects over multiple days are harder to address
    • Simple issues like addressing azimuth, coordinates, point names becomes more complex with more data in the file.
  • Selecting/turning off data specified in a specific day/job is not clean
    • It would be nice to be able to turn on and off imported field data raw data files in the view filter manage
  • We don't have a format that contains both linework, scan data and things like photos that can also be collected to transfer data completely between files.


While this is an issue for SX10 data, we have seen it as an issue for users who want to import data from other projects types as well.