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Georeferencing Vector PDFs TBC v5.10

Question asked by Katie Byron on Oct 12, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 1, 2019 by Katie Byron

Is anyone else having issues either A) Importing PDFs as PDFs (not sheets) with TBC freezing up and becoming unresponsive or B) TBC completely freezing up and becoming unresponsive as soon as you georeference a PDF?


I am currently using TBC v5.10. At first I thought maybe it was a corrupt drawing or something (was also having issues with TBC freezing up when trying to turn on georeferenced PDFs), then I tried georeferencing a PDF into a blank new drawing with absolutely nothing in it. As soon as I clicked "register" it freezes up. When you look at the drawing status in Task Manager, it shows it eating up roughly 1/4 of my CPU and sometimes about 1/2 of my memory and as "unresponsive".


The PDFs that I am importing are vector PDFs.


Any feedback would be appreciated.