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Buggy - Create Contours on Plane or Flat Surfaces Areas

Question asked by Patrick L'heureux on Oct 25, 2019
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Creating contours on flat or planed surfaces areas seems like it can be buggy and doesn't always accurately depict the surface. In the surface shown below, I have a surface with a bottom elevation of 450. You can see that the contours spike across the surface in areas. I am not sure why? Maybe because of the wire frame? Is there a way to correct? I tried turning on "Adjust flat Triangles" in the surface menu but that did not make a difference.


As of right now I would need to go in and delete the 450 contours and use the track contour to create my own 450 contour. Not a big deal but if I modify the surface (which I probably will because this is a design project) I will have to repeat this process. Then this becomes a bigger nuisance.


I have run into this before on other entities such as top or berms and bottom of ponds.