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(Timble Link Road Corridor Export Issues)

Question asked by Kade Brown on Oct 28, 2019

When I export a road corridor through Trimble Link for slope staking if I select the convert outside points to side slope it removes the targets in the sub assembly like on top back of curb etc. how do I export through Trimble link so I can slope stake and still have the proper targets I need? for example if I have a 4:1 fill slope to the TBC and I want to slope stake that using the road corridor. we have been doing work arounds like making a separate road for the tbc and putting a template on just the tbc but then the stationing doesn't match the design centerline. or rebuilding it in Trimble business Center but I would like to get this export working the way it is supposed to so we don't have to spend time re-building separate roads when they are in the corridor. We have been fighting this issue for years and would like any input on the matter.


Thank you,

Kade Brown