Ross McAtamney

Register Scans - Pairwise enhancements

Discussion created by Ross McAtamney on Nov 7, 2019

Couple of things when looking at the Pairwise tool when registering scans in TBC:


It can be annoying having this setting being always on by default when running a registration, currently every time a pair of scans is registered, this setting turns back on which can be annoying as users don't always want it to auto-align pairs as they are defined meaning they need to make sure this is turned off every time the process is run.

Can we have an option in the Project Settings to have this option turned off by default? I would suggest to have this turned off by default, but I am sure some users like this being on.


Optimise Pair Registration:

I find this needs to be run several times to get the best results out of the system. Very rarely does it get the best result running it the first time.

Are we able to look at a process where the process is run a couple of times in the background and stops when there is a point of no further return of benefits of the process being run?