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Scanning monitoring surface change workflow?

Question asked by Guillaume Clin on Nov 13, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 13, 2019 by Saif Bin Darwish

I'm scanning with the SX10 a surface multiple times to monitor change over time but not certain about the workflow for processing and creating a cut/fill map (or shade map).

Day 1: I have a single setup with 2 scans (1.the initial/reference and 2.after change). The changes are on a scale of cm.

Day 2: similar setup location with one scan (3.after change)


I imported everything in TBC and want to create a surface from the initial scan. But when creating a surface from the scan it's taking all the scan, not just the initial(individual one). How would you create a surface from just the first scan? and create 2 other surfaces for individual change.

After this, I would want to create a cut/fill map to compare it.