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Retiring Old Data Collectors

Question asked by Ben Ryschon on Nov 15, 2019

I am replacing several older TSC3's with T7's this winter and I was wondering if the folks from Trimble had any good workflows for how to do this without creating a huge mess in TBC with conflicts since I am using TCC to sync all of my data from my data collectors to TBC.  This also brings up another question I have when it comes to archiving old/completed TBC projects.  Is there a way to group the SCS900/Siteworks data that is used in the TBC project all together so that if you ever had to go back to the project at a later time you would have all the data in one place and again not create a huge amount of conflicts with TBC?  I suppose you could create a folder in your TBC project folder and call it Sync or something and just copy and paste the data into there from the data collectors used.  You would then of course have to replace the data back into the Trimble sync folder if you were ever to recall the project.  Or can you change the search path for a single job to look in the folder you created that holds the survey data?