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Feature Request - Create Point Numbering

Question asked by Josh Weckert on Nov 27, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2020 by Alan Sharp

When using the create point command it defaults to the lowest point number free in the project. ie 1.

Then i can assign the point number i want and the point ID auto increments, all good

But if i close the create point command and reopen it it keeps defaulting back to the lowest available point number. 

Need to keep looking through project explorer to find the next available which is a big time waster

Enhancement would be for it to remember the last point created in the project and increment up from there


It is very common around the place to say start point numbering from 1000, or use certain point ranges for certain types of points etc meaning that starting at 1 and working up is not practical

Trimble Access can remember the last point number used in the measure points command and has other handy tools to find the next point number.