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Photos shifted when exported

Question asked by Michael Krois on Dec 4, 2019

I need a little help. I’m a GIS guy and not a surveyor.  So my knowledge on Trimble Access 2018, the TSC7, and R2 isn’t that deep. 

The problem I’m having is with exporting photos. My company completed a large project this summer and we took photos using the TSC7 as we installed several miles of pipe. Now that the project is over I have been exporting the photos and bringing them into ArcMAP as photo points. The problem is that some jobs have the photos shifted several hundred feet from where they were taken.  The points that our R2 acquired are perfect, the photos (as points) are not. Interestingly this doesn’t happen to every job when exported. 

I figured it was a conflict with the coordinate system/datum but everything was set to state plane.  So something must not be set correctly.  Does anyone have an idea?