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Selecting Point Clouds by multiple boundaries ?

Question asked by Adam Stanger on Dec 20, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 21, 2019 by Alan Sharp

Can you select a point cloud by multiple boundaries?


For examples while in polygon select, once I double click to highlight my selection to be added to a different region it takes a while for that command to happen, then once I click add it also takes my computer time to process that step. Ideally we could draw multiple polygons around all items to be removed or added to a different region and select them all at once and add the point cloud inside each boundary selected to a region. 


Maybe you have a point cloud from a site with a job trailer, common parking area's etc that you have to remove from the point cloud every time... it would be a faster selection clean-up process for each surveyed point cloud to be able to select the 5,6,10,15 etc boundaries and re-region the point cloud info.