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Survey Pro - Linework Name?

Question asked by Francisco Guerrero on Jan 13, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 16, 2020 by Francisco Guerrero

  Anyone running Survey Pro in the field.  Since I have started at my current company 5 years ago,  I have taught the field guys about maps.  They have not used maps and the senior party chief has started to use them for layouts more.  Its to bad that they only use them for minimal work.  I started out in the field and had to transition from Survey Controller to Survey Pro.  The One of the trickest things I could not get to work was Line Name.  Well, after finding out the Terramodel does a bad job of keeping the names and that TBC will keep the line name.  I tried it and still did not get the line name in Survey Pro.  

  Is there something I am missing beside giving the linework a name when I create a linestring?  Does Survey Pro accept linework with names?  

  The Second issue I found in Survey Pro was the ARC Lines. I noticed only in my controller that the ARC Line was not in the location where the map showed it to be.  I would have to pick in space near the ARC Line to find the actual line.  Is this  an issue within Survey Pro?