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Surface Minimum Warning Distance changes via .vcl

Question asked by Jeff Scott on Jan 17, 2020

Under Project Settings -> Computations, the Surface: Minimum warning distance value seems to change to 0.01 ft when I either export or import a .vcl file. It seems that the program shouldn't change this value, as it is set from one of our templates. Is this normal?


As a test,

I created a circle within my 0.03 ft .vce file, performed a project cleanup, saved my file, and verified that the warning distance was still 0.03 ft.

I exported the circle to .vcl. I then immediately checked my warning distance, and it had changed back to 0.01 ft.

I reset the warning distance to 0.03 ft and saved. Verified 0.03 ft again.

I deleted the circle and saved the .vce. Verified 0.03 ft again.

I closed the .vce file, reopened, and verified the warning distance was still set to 0.03 ft.


I imported the circle.vcl back into my .vce file, and the warning distance for the .vce file was again changed from 0.03 ft to 0.01 ft.


So, it appears that both exporting and importing a .vcl is affecting the warning distance, at least for this .vce file.