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Let me try a different question and approach.

Question asked by steve schuler on Jan 19, 2020

Since there seems to be no solution to my "Name linestring by near point" question, Let my try a question that could be  an alternate route.

Say I have a earthwork only project takeoff where all paving linework is on the same layer ,almost all non corridor Civil 3d files I get are this way, or perhaps when importing PDF vector paving data it all imports as one layer.

Now I would like to create subgrades area all the way to BOC without having to select all areas between all the paving linstrings (CL-Flange, Flange-FOC, FOC-BOC). Is there a more efficient way of doing this and possibly has the benefit of not creating countless needless subgrade areas?


Does anyone else run into this or am I missing something/using the wrong M.O.? 

Thanks you.