Paul Van de Voorde

Trimble acces and tilt compensation

Discussion created by Paul Van de Voorde on Feb 2, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 10, 2020 by Filip Slavnic

I like the people from the Belgian Trimble dealer, But do Trimble really want to lose clients and let them buy Leica?

I have to buy a new gps now, I really want a gps with tilt compensation, there is one on the SPS series, but this doesn’t work on trimble Access. 

You got a new gps R12, I believe it is better than the others, but there Is no Tilt compensation like the sps.  30% better for 100% more euros, I don’t get it.

Nobody with the dealership knows when there will be a solution for Trimble access or the surveying marked?  Why not?

If I knew the tilt compensation will work on Trimble Access within a few months I could buy a SPS with tilt compensation now, but nobody knows what will happen next.

This is really frustrating for everyone who wants to be faithful with Trimble