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Field to finish - line coding

Question asked by Todd Bronson on Feb 6, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 11, 2020 by Todd Bronson

I'm having serious reservations about purchasing TBC for field to finish line code processing.  I cannot seem to make heads nor tails out of how the line processing works.

I have asked this question previously on other forums.  How do you create acutal curves in TBC with line codes?  From what I can see, you can create curves during line processing as long as the elevations of the points are all the same.  If the elevations of the points used in the curve are different (as they would be in the real world) TBC generates short line segments to approximate the curve.

I also need a way to process all the linework in TBC and have this linework all be at 0 elevation.


Any suggestions would be great.