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Trimble Connect Desktop User Access

Question asked by Dick Trump on Feb 11, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 3, 2020 by Ray Bagley

I am the Admin. for our Trimble Connect site and have been uploading and monitoring models to the site and controlling invitees. Our Field Crews use the site extensively on their IPad. I am having issues with the desktop for windows version. and the interlinking of my Sketchup account to this site. I will frequently download a .ifc file posted to the site by our detailers  then convert in sketchup, do some modification or add and want to post back to the trimble connect site through sketchup.


It seems I am now unable to do so. Also I am unclear as to to the new notification on my desktop version for the need to upgrade my desktop and what that is in regards to.


Company is Berlin Steel Construction company DC Division Trimble Connect site. or at least that was how it was referred to last year 


Please help