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Datum Transformations in TBC v5.20

Question asked by Martin Kalafut (Secondary email on Feb 14, 2020

Is it possible to do real 7,6, 5 and 3 - parameters Datum Transformation (between the global WGS-84 geocentric ellipsoid and the local ellipsoids) in the TBC v5.20 (Helmert and Molodensky´s transformations) ?

It means: to compute – for example in the case of 7-parameter Datum Transformation – three translations, three rotations and change in the scale factor. If NOT (what is true with the highest probability), what would be an alternative solution?


In the TGO (Trimble Geomatics Office) it was possible (many years ago). It seems that in the TBC generally (not only in the v5.20) this functionality is not available at all and is neglected. It is very unhappy situation that such primary and very important geodetical tasks like datum transformations, creating shift grid files (SGF) and geoid grid files (GGF) are not available in the TBC (although TBC supports the use of SGF, GGF and CDG files, but offers NO tools to create them), whereas all these functionalities were available in - now outdated - TGO software many years ago. Is it so big problem to incorporate these utilities back to TBC?


Martin Kalafut