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Launching Earthworks emulator problem

Question asked by Michael Siddall on Feb 16, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 17, 2020 by Michael Siddall

Hi, I am trying to get the Earthworks emulator going on my laptop and I have seem to be having a problem. I am running it through Bluestacks. I start up Bluestacks, then start the dozer simulator, and then in Bluestacks I go to open Earthworks. I click on launcher.apk, The earthworks icon then appears in the app section on Bluestacks. When I click on the Earthworks icon the program starts to load and then asks for a username and password. If I close out of it and go back to the Bluestacks screen, the Earthworks icon name has changed from Earthworks to web interface. What am I doing wrong to where its asking for username and password?