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Predefine Object Name or Bulk Name Change

Question asked by Ronan Kelly on Feb 23, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2020 by Jason Hayes

Jason Hayes 

Great to see the addition of IFC export in the latest version (11.2) of Realworks. My workflow is to generally create BIM Objects (Solid objects and polylines) from point cloud and export to third party software (12d and AutoCAD). Often having many 100s of Objects can prove messy in post processing. For dwg export, sorting into folders within Realworks and changing the folders to "model groups" means the resulting dwg file has all the objects sorted into CAD Layers as per the Groups I have set within Realworks. No complaints here, this works great.



The problem I am having with the IFC export is the Model Group has no bearing on the export "layers" (I fully accept this is the limitation of the IFC format). In my 3rd party software (12d) all the resulting geometries import as individual Objects (i.e. Object1001, Object1002 etc). The obvious work around to retain some specific information about the extracted geometry in the export is to place it in the object name. Within Realworks there does not appear to be any way to predefine naming conventions for Geometries (particularly Solids) you are creating? 

Secondly, Is there any way to bulk rename objects? all objects within a model group, select "Group Rename" and then copy and paste the name of my group to my objects. Having to resort to renaming objects one by one is tedious considering that one pipe extraction can contain up to 50 objects.



Group Object editing tools already exist for bulk colour changing and bulk Pipe diameter change. Can we please have a bulk object rename ?