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Caching Background Maps for Offline Use in TerraFlex 

08-12-2019 05:17

Caching Background Maps for Offline Use

Trimble TerraFlex supports caching background tiles for display on the map when you are working in an area without cellular or WiFi connectivity. Tile caching can be done automatically on the mobile device, or a cache can be created from the map viewer in Trimble Connect and downloaded to the device for use offline.


Automatic tile caching on the mobile device

As you pan and zoom round the map in TerraFlex, the map tiles will be automatically cached and stored on your device. Next time you pan the map to that area, the locally stored tiles will be used instead of new ones being downloaded


Creating a map cache in the map viewer

Using the Trimble Connect map viewer you can create a cache of map tiles for use in TerraFlex when offline.

Once the cache has been created the next time you sign in to TerraFlex the cache will be automatically downloaded and available for use

The cache uses the Trimble Map and not Satellite layer


To create a cache in the map viewer:

  1. Open the TerraFlex project in Connect that you want to create the map cache for
  2. Click the Add icon at the bottom of the layer list
  3. Choose Create Offline Basemap from the menu

  4. Draw a rectangle around the area you want to cache and make available offline

  5. Once the cache has been created, it will be listed at the bottom of the Layer menu
  6. To give the map cache a name, right click and select 'Rename'


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09-08-2020 17:22

It should. Advanced is for data update workflows and navigation.


08-18-2020 00:21

Does this feature work for TerraFlex Basic?

04-08-2020 08:41

It would also be nice if you could mashup vector layers as part of the background caching. For example, someone may need a parcel boundary for reference but not for collection.

01-29-2020 12:44

Just checking in to see if there are any updates on this?

10-31-2019 02:18

HI Zach


Yes, we have custom raster support on the roadmap for a short/medium term release so watch this space

10-24-2019 10:23



Any plans for adding the Trimble Imagery support for caching? Several folks have been asking me about this. The street map is not particularly useful for offline caching in most cases.

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