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Trimble Drawing FAQs 

02-03-2023 10:11

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1 CUI and customization Customization and workspace switching is possible using the interface command under Manage. Here we can make our workspace with the selected ribbon and toolbars. Use the CUI or _CUSTOMIZE command in Drawing and create your own workspace by drag and drop from the list. (Tutorial )


Convert 3D to 2D

XtraTools > Modify - Tools(Command FLATTEN).
3 Convert 2D to 3D? Function to be found in Road menu.

4 Print/Plot? If we need to plot all the layout from one single drawing then we can use PRINT command to draw all the selected layouts.

5 Batch print? Batch print is a method to plot all selected layout (Sheets) from different drawings (BATCHPRINT command).

6 Viewport (creating Layout)? There are a lot of methods to set the correct view in a layout with the correct scaling and view port rotation. In Drawing we can use the Named View option to place the view in a correct scale and rotation. Double click inside the selected viewports and select the Named View from the View type (Model,Sheet or default).

7 Match Properties? Command PROPERTYPAINTER.

8 References Command XR, XREF.

9 Change Background Color Command OPTIONS > Background.

10 Use of AC short commands Command OPTIONS > Aliases.

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