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Clip Planes 

12-19-2016 19:23

Working with Clip Planes

Use clip planes to create cross-sectional Views of 3D models. You can create clip planes both vertically and horizontally. Once the desired cross section has been created, it can be saved as a View or a ToDo and shared with various team members.

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08-12-2022 04:43

Hi! Many times, when a screenshot is used for a presentation to customer, the clip planes and scissor symbol is disturbing. It would be very nice function to add, "Show/Hide clip planes"

07-18-2017 06:54

Thanks for your response Fern,

We do have an issue with clip planes in the mobile and web applications.

When using multiple clip planes in either the mobile app or the web app there is an issue where in the mobile app if you cross over the clip planes you can end up hiding both the clip plane handles and as a result you lose the location of the "scissors". This means that the model then has to be reloaded. When attempting this in the web app it appears that creating a second clip plane means it actually works in a mirrored fashion. i.e when I try to slide the clip plane from right to left it actually moves from left to right. This makes the clip planes un-useable in the mobile app and web app. No issue with it in the desktop app.

07-17-2017 22:02

Clip planes for mobile app has been updated. Hope you find it helpful.

07-05-2017 03:26

Can this document be updated to show how to create clip planes in the mobile app also?

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