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Crash report 

05-27-2021 02:12

Crash report

When the program crashes, you often get the opportunity to send in a crash report to Trimble. This does not trigger a user support case or any other message that you need help!

If you want help to continue, contact User Support.

Nonetheless it is very useful for us and the users of Trimble software that you send in crash reports when you get this dialog. And preferrably with as detailed a description as possible of what you did right before it crashed. The crash reports are handled by a special team in our software development section. They look at every report, try to classify the problem and how often this occurs. Then problems are prioritized after severity and frequence and sent to the responsible development team.

For reasons of personal security, no personal information is sent with these reports unless you enter them explicitly. If you do, the crash report team can take contact if needed, something that is often useful. Still this is not considered a support case, crash reports are handled in a longer time perspective than user support cases.

Even though it can seem useless at the moment, we depend on as many as possible sending these reports! Otherwise, it is much more difficult for us to find out why things fail!

So "Thank you!" to everyone who sends in crash reports!

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