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Support Note - Deploying the Asta Powerproject v15 Fix 

02-08-2021 11:37


February 2021


The Asta Powerproject exchange add-on stopped working with the release of Asta Powerproject version 15 in 2020. We have provided an update that is now working with Powerproject v15. The steps below describe how to deploy this Tilos fix on your computer.

Note:  This deployment replaces the previous setup routine mentioned in the Appendix of the documentation file TILOS 8.0 Exchanging Data with Asta Powerproject 12.


1. Download the Tilos Powerproject 15 Exchange.zip file from this post.
2. Unzip the file to access create three folders:
    • "Data" folder - This contains Tilos and Powerproject sample files that can be used for import/export. The folder also contains a sample exchange profile to be used with these sample files:

You can copy those files to any folder for later usage. We recommend copying the files into the folder: “C:\ProgramData\TILOS\TILOS10-Data\Exchange\Profiles\”. This folder is defined as the default folder inside the .ini files.

    • "Documentation" folder - This contains a manual on how to exchange data between Tilos and Powerproject 15. This document uses the sample files listed in the "Data" folder above. You can copy the documentation file to any folder (e.g., next to the sample data).
    • "Powerproject Addins folder" folder - This contains the macro file that Powerproject needs, as well as some settings files. Copy those files into the Powerproject 15 "Addins" folder. The Addon folder for a default setup is "C:\Program Files (x86)\Elecosoft\Powerproject\AddIns". 

Note:  The "C:\Program Files (x86)" folder has restricted access. You need Administrator rights to copy files into it. For existing installations, you will be asked to overwrite files. The files can be overwritten.

3. After copying the macro file to the Addin folders, you can start the macro from Asta 15 by pressing Alt + F8. Refer to the manual in the documentation folder for further info regarding the usage of the Exchange macro.

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