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How to write to support 

05-27-2021 01:28

How to write to support

The quickest way to get support, is to write an email with the best possible description of your problem. Please note that sending a crash report is not the same as contacting support (read more about this here: Crash report, if you want immediate help you still have to contact support as described here!

If you have sent a crash report

If you have sent a crash report from the program, please write exactly when this was sent. If you didn't describe the problem precisely in that report, please do that in the email, following the description under from point 5.

If you have not sent a crash report

  1. Find the location of a workset, send this with the email (this is not a big file with the data set, it contains only the information we ask for in pts 2-4) and go to point 5. Or continue with the next point.
  2. Write which client version you are using. You can see how to find it here: Find the client version.
  3. Write which server the project is on. Please give the IP-adress (in the form 111.222.333.444) or the domain name (in the form OurServer.quadri.cloud, OurServer.OurCompany.com or something like that). If you write only "our external server", we will waste time trying to guess which server you mean. If you write "the same server as last time", we will also need to use unneccessary time to find your last support case and search for the server name there.
  4. Write what the model name and the project name are.
  5. Write exactly what you where trying to do when the problem occured.
  6. Write what error message you got? If the error message is a "smiley face" or simply says this is a crash or "Operation failed", press the "See details" button until you get some lines with the detailed error message. Include the first 20 lines of this in your email.

Send the email to: civil.support@trimble.com

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