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Introducing Formula Rule-Based Organizer Groups in Trimble Connect for Browser 3D Viewer 

09-27-2023 10:53

What is the Rule Based Organizer?

The Rule Based Organizer is an easy to use and flexible tool for organizing model objects for multiple purposes. The problem it’s solving is: The BIM models have tens of thousands of objects, with tens of properties each describing them. How to quickly find & access the objects that I’m interested in? How to share the objects I found with other project members? Identified use cases for the Organizer include (but are not limited to)

  • Work packages

  • Tracking 

  • Phases

  • Simple scheduling

  • Communicating with site teams

  • Design to fabrication

What are the Formulas?

In short, the “Formulas” are an improvement for the current Rule Based Organizer feature in Trimble Connect for Browser. You can use it to create intelligent rules to organize your model objects. In addition, we have added a way to add object visibility in the rule.

Learn more

See Formula Rule-Based Organizer Groups in the Trimble Connect User Guide.



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10-12-2023 08:53

@Mark Andrews, it is resolved in the dev environment and it will be released to production on Friday next week.  Let us know if you still have the same issues. Please make sure to clear your cache to see these changes.

10-11-2023 13:55

Hi Aleks,

How did you resolve the issue? I am still having the same problems with both of the issues I note below.



10-10-2023 12:07

Hi @Mark Andrews, thank you for your feedback. 

Our team was able to replicate & resolve this issue.

10-09-2023 15:40

Also, the color set for unmatching elements no longer seems to take effect within the 3D View. The color of these items remains the same as within the original IFC file.

I cannot work out how to add screenshots to these posts.

10-09-2023 15:07

I am also having multiple problems with the Organizer now.

Any predefined Groups that now have a quantity of zero are now colored Black and cannot be changed until the quantity is greater than zero.

Previous Organizer Groups do now not seem to affect members added since the group was created, even after an Update Group.

10-06-2023 10:10

This update seems to have introduced a bug when assigning color to objects. Once one or multiple objects have been assigned a color for the first time, clicking on the "Color and transparency settings" button of the command pallet again while the object(s) is selected crashes the web app systematically.

To reproduce, load a model in the 3D viewer, select an object, change its color with the command pallet, reselect the same object then click again on the color button.

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