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Leave or Delete Projects 

09-24-2020 07:46

Leave or Delete Projects

Leaving Projects

If you no longer wish to be a part of a project, you can leave the project. Once you leave a project, you will not be able to rejoin unless you are invited back into the project by an active project member.

If you are the only Project Admin in the project, you cannot leave until you assign the Project Admin role to another project member.

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Delete a Project

Only a Project Admin in the project is allowed to delete a project forever. This delete action is executed through 2-step confirmation with a clear note that the project will not be restored once deleted. 

We do not recommend deleting a project that others may have been collaborating with you on as this any data inside the project will be lost forever. If you do wish to delete, please back up the project's data before deleting the project as this cannot be undone, users will not be able to restore the project after completing this process and the project will no longer be available for all members.

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