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NOVAPOINT 2022.FP1 Release Notes 

12-10-2021 05:31



Alignment Design

NEW: Added functionality for analysing Reference Points and creating alignment based on them. Alignment Design has inherited functionality from 'Alignment Design from Points' and can analyse points and give a suggested best-fit alignment in for both horizontal and vertical geometry.


ENHANCEMENT: Warning to user when the cross-sections are overlapping in tight corners.

ENHANCEMENT: Soft spot removal now possible to set the depth with millimeter accuracy.

FIXED: Cross-section calculation could crash when gathering terrain sections from Quadri.

FIXED: Error in Quantity report for Deepblasting when edges were vertical.

FIXED: Some clothoids on alignments didn't show or draw as they should.

Sight Distance Analysis

FIXED: User-defined sight distance analysis with all adjustment-values at 0 gave 1m sight distance.

FIXED: Road standard method got reverted to User-defined or picked the wrong road standard when re-entering the dialog.

Slope Surface

REVERTED: Quantity table in Excel is back. Values are now rounded. For exact values we recommend using the volume tool in Quadri.

CHANGED: Raise/Lower function is now only available for “Lower” method.

FIXED: The function didn't always update the data in Quadri, but produced new duplicate results.

FIXED: Objectname was not read by the function for ACAD2021 and newer.

Finnish version

FIXED: Cross-section calculation would fail when producing error-messages for computers using specific Windows Regional Settings.

Swedish version

FIXED: Issue of crashing Quantity report when using Swedish report language.


FIXED: Alignment Design Refpoints did not store the MIN and MAX DZ values.

FIXED: Alignment report would crash if used multiple times in a row when used in Civil 3D software.



ENHANCEMENT: Taper is now set to “Undefined” if the height is 0. This will improve the input for drawing manhole as 3D (SOLID) to DWG.

Cross Section Calculation

FIXED: Calculation crashed if end station value was less than the total length of the trench. (Bug introduced in NP2022 release).

Product Library

FIXED: Updated download links



ENHANCEMENT : The background color used in the Main Dialogue is changed to prevent symbols from visually disappearing from the dialogue (#HAN-4426)

Finnish Version

NEW: The program has been updated with support for a number of the new signs launched by the Finnish Road Administration 01.06.2020 and 1.6.2021. The new version of the sign program can for a transitional period run in parallel with the version of the program that supports the previous standard.

ENHANCEMENT: General - Updated spacing between characters according to rev. “PVM 1.6.2021” 
ENHANCEMENT: General - Added support for more reference symbols on the reference line 
ENHANCEMENT: Dimensioning - Added a command to the toolbar that support basic dimensioning of signs 
ENHANCEMENT: F2.1 and Yleinen - Added support for black backgound 
ENHANCEMENT: F18.x - Added support for yellow background color 
ENHANCEMENT: H24 - Added support for more rows and TH 

FIXED: E13.2 - The size for P and N was not correct 
FIXED: F2.1 and F2.2 - The horizontal alignment of TEXT in the same plate was not always correct 
FIXED: F13 - The length of the sign was not correct in combination with MINI and SERVICE 

Norwegian Version

ENHANCEMENT: General - A few 2D pole symbols added matching the grafical standard for “Bymiljøetaten Oslo kommune” 

FIXED: 731 - The sign 776 was missing as mini-symbol for this sign 

Swedish version

FIXED: F8-1 - There was a broblem with the border on service when combined with road number on white background 


Norwegian Version

ENHANCEMENT: 1054 - Add support 

FIXED: Store to Quadri, Some propertie values was not stored 

Swedish version

FIXED: M19a - Part of the geometry was not according to the standard 

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