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Problems logging in with Quadri for Windows 

05-17-2021 02:19

  1.  Start Quadri for Windows
  2. If you are not logged in, try logging in. If this doesn't work, something is wrong with your TrimbleID. Contact: [[..:..:..:usersupport:start]]
  3. Select "Join".
  4. You now have a dialog with two edit fields. Press the button "..." to the right of the URL-field. If you get a login dialog, cancel that.
  5. You should now be in "Quadri Project Explorer".
  6. Select the Quadri Connection. If you get a login dialog, cancel it.
  7. Press the button with a red cross ("Delete Selected Quadri Connection"), so the connection is delete. You do not loose any data aywhere by doing this!
  8. Restart Quadri for Windows.
  9. Again select "Join" and press the "...", so you get the dialog "Quadri Project Explorer" again. Cancel any login dialog that might appear.
  10. Press the button with the green cross ("Add a new Quadri Connection") and define the connection again. The "URL" field should be either in the format 111.222.333.444 or a domain name (something like OurServer.quadri.cloud) for the server. No / or anything after this name. Do not check "Set connection parameters manually".
  11. Click the Quadri connection to log in. Uncheck the "Remember user name and password" and "Log in automatically".

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