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Quadri 2020.FP1 Release Notes 

01-03-2021 12:19


Release date: 09.10.2020

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International Version


NEW: Property Set Editor. Possibility to add and edit user defined properties.

  • New web-service “Quadri Configuration” to define Propertyset
  • New task type “PropertySet” to edit user defined properties in Quadri Desktop

FIXED: Problems with uploading to support

ENHANCEMENT: New Process Info pane, with many filtering options. You can drag columns to the header, then right-click for filtering options:


NEW: Export for format DSZ (SVL/SVD). This file format is used in Trimble Business Center.

FIXED: Exports from Quadri not according to BuildingSmart standard.

FIXED: Handling of norwegian letters (æ, ø, å) for Generic attributes propertyname in IFC.

FIXED: Export of rail alignments gets strange AlignmentName in XML.

FIXED: LandXML stakeout to Leica 3D Visual Digger. Leica compatible irregular lines file.

ENHANCEMENT: Add support for material name in IFC export.

ENHANCEMENT: Support for Field Codes also for 4 and 4×1.

ENHANCEMENT: Associations to string in IFC Feature converter. Before convert association to string only supported feature ID.


FIXED: Bug in geolocation for IFC.

FIXED: Import of DWG with multiple Arcs.

FIXED: Import of AGS-files. All coordinates should now be imported.

FIXED: Bug with Regular Expression in Extract value.

FIXED: GEN creating blank linetask names.

FIXED: Add Project rules to selection of preview drawing rules when importing.

ENHANCEMENT: Added support for AEC_Mass_Element in DWG import.

ENHANCEMENT: When importing DWG with texts that small rotations, the text now has the same size.

ENHANCEMENT: Conversion rule (“IFC2x3_Proxy with all attributes”) added for IFC imports for batch importing nameValuePairList as genericProperty.

ENHANCEMENT: Now possible to add regular expressions in Attribute to Attribute mapping.


NEW: Function for Delete Features Outside AOI. Click the function to see everything outside Area of interest, and delete if thats needed.


FIXED: Versioning in WMS. Changed request from 1.1.1 to 1.3.0. Will now support servers that were problematic in prevous version.

Publish DWG

FIXED: Bug when publishing DWG using a Project Rule. Now it draws out with correct Drawing Rule.

FIXED: Bug when publishing DWG using Default Drawing Rule, making the process crash.

Norwegian version

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