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Quadri 2022.6 Release Notes 

09-01-2022 23:56

Release date: 02.09.2022



NEW: Automation tool for an efficient way to produce missing data in the model according to the project requirements.

See full function description here.

FIXED: Explorer search not allways working properly.

FIXED: General bug fixes and enhancements.

FIXED: Incorrect rotation in TTM import.

FIXED: Crash when importing and previewing GUDB data.

FIXED: General bug fixes in IFC import.


FIXED: Tekla Structures connector: Some geometries, including rebars, were not always transferred correctly. You must use the Quadri Connector ver. 1.8.15 to make these fixes work.

Conversion Rule Editor

ENHANCEMENT: The Conversion Rule Editor is now a floating dialog, and the user doesn't need to exit it every time he/she wants to click a feature in the graphic windows in order to see the properties in the properties pane.

ENHANCEMENT: Tooltips when mouse hovering over the functions in ribbon.

ENHANCEMENT: Ignore source value if no mapped value. When mapping values and no mapping is set, the full original value was written as a value to the attribute. Now it will leave this empty.


ENHANCEMENT: Clean up of WMS templates. Removed Norge i Bilder, NVE Flomsoner, NVE Skred og kvikkleire. Updated with new URLs for the others (NOR config).

ENHANCEMENT: Added possibility to run Table View to Excel in batch (task performer).

FIXED: Crash in Table presentation milestone.


NEW: LandXML: New option to join multiple surfaces in task settings, if they have neighbouring triangles. See more here.

NEW: LandXML: Added Conversionfile for CombinedSurface function.

FIXED: When starting Publish DGN, the ribbon comes up twice.

FIXED: Export to NADAG crash

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10-13-2022 08:43

The best one is the Tekla Structures connector and it really helps them in the system. ultimate meaning of white rose symbol
The Conversion Rule Editor is now a floating dialog, and the user doesn't need to exit it every time.

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