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Quadri 2023.1 Release Notes 

03-09-2023 06:52

QUADRI 2023.1

Release date: 09.03.2023

Click here for information about Known issues and Compatibility Breaks.



Quadri for Windows & Novapoint works with Windows 11

ENHANCEMENT: When using Measure tool, and then use Caption tool for screenshot, the measure will also be saved in screenshot/capture.

FIXED: DynamicQuery: collapse don't work when search field has been used

FIXED: Task tree in Explorer does not update correctly in some cases, looks like tasks are missing.


NEW: Support for import and export of IFC 4.3. New conversion rules for import and export of terrain, alignments, road and water & sewer models are included. A new tab in the IFC export settings dialog allows you to define the spatial breakdown structure and functional systems in the exported IFC-file. Learn more here - IFC 4.3 File Import/Export

NEW: IFC import/export - support multiPoint

ENHANCEMENT: Export to LandXML, wizards for stakeout to also include Railway tasks

ENHANCEMENT: Increase timeout limit so that slow WMS servers work

ENHANCEMENT: TrimBIM insert to support TexturedBillboard

FIXED: When importing a file, the process of reading file to temp model is repeated after conversion rule is selected.

FIXED: Task template for WMS “Geonorge Kommunedelplan” (NOR only)

FIXED: General crashes in WMS

FIXED: IFC import wrong when imported IFC file with length unit is mm

FIXED: Import finishes, even if Cancel import har been clicked

FIXED: Reimported LandXML alignments crash when new worksets are downloaded

FIXED: Reimported LandXML alignments crash when changes are received

Conversion Rule Editor

FIXED: Crash in Concatenate using other characters than letters and numbers

FIXED: Source line not deleted after save of the conversion rule.

FIXED: Not possible to change dropdown:



FIXED: Building tool generates wrong geometry if generated twice: “feature has multiple attributes with the same type ID. Bygning[-XXXX]”

FIXED: When implementing auto generate sweep, the possibillity to select different attributes for Height/Diameter Outer or Inner was lost. This is now fixed.

FIXED: General bug fixes in Automation tool



FIXED: SectionSurfaceWidthAndSlopeInfo RenderHandler was not working in version 2023.

FIXED: AlignmentPointInfo are not drawn in 3D view

FIXED: General bug fixes in Presentation Setups tree view, like checking/unchecking nodes, showing correct number of objects in counter.

FIXED: Paste option is missing from Presentation Rule Editor

FIXED: Set ValidAsResult checkbox value in Drawing rule editor not saved


NEW: Publish to CAD preview. When previewing during publish, you can show the real DWG.

FIXED: TrimBIM publish - Not all classifications are exported

FIXED: TrimBIM publish - PipeArrow text too big

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