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Quadri 2023.2 Release Notes 

05-09-2023 06:05

QUADRI 2023.2

Release date: 09.05.2023

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International Version


Quadri for Windows & Novapoint works with Windows 11

FIXED: General bug fixing and improvements.


NEW: Station Equation Support: Quadri for Windows now supports Station Equations on Linear elements such as Alignments. New feature catalogs have been added (1.37 and 2.03), and these feature catalogs must be used to support Station Equations. This support extends to both the properties and views in Quadri which showcase alignment features. New Drawing Rules, and Feature Catalog allow for this support. Methods of import supporting Station Equations are the LandXML import as well as the ORD Connector.

FIXED: Make it possible to change conversion rule when import/export with Trimble Connect. Previously the selection of CR. was not active.

FIXED: Importing .ttm with “Select from folder” duplicated data.


ENHANCEMENT: General improvements to stabilize Automation tool.


ENHANCEMENT: Vector Symbol renderhandler now has the option to toggle off/on-option if you want to present in 2D or 3D.

ENHANCEMENT: Improved visual roundoff of slope and width in the SurfaceCrossSlopeAndWidthInfo renderhandler. Now it will not have multiple slopes with same value closer than “minimum interval”.

ENHANCEMENT: Preview in Ortofoto task showed the whole model, and is now changed to show only the ortofoto, and whatever you have selected under Draping.

FIXED: WidthSlopeInfo renderhandler shows wrong slope angle compared to the surface, and goes partly below it.

FIXED: Presentation Rule Editor and Presentation Setup: not working to delete last node (render handler).

FIXED: Moving a node in Presentation Rule Editor does not save changes to next time.

FIXED: In alignments coming from XMLs created in Civil 3D, the LRS stationAtPOB is converting by the metric, instead of Ft. constant (US only).


ENHANCEMENT: Export IFC 4.3. This release includes support for IFC 4.3 export and import of railway, including cant information. In addition, Quadri now supports IFC4.3 import/export of alignment that doesn’t start at chainage 0.0 and placement of objects along the alignment.

3 new conversion rules are shipped with the release:

  • Import IFC4.3 to Railway (Only for Quadri FC 1.XX)
  • Export Railway to IFC4.3 (Only for Quadri FC 1.XX)
  • Export Terrain, Alignment and Proxy objects to IFC4.3

FIXED: Clicking preview button twice when exporting to file, causes the export to go blank.

FIXED: When publishing to TrimBIM, SurfaceCrossSlopeAndWidthInfo not exported.

FIXED: When publishing alignmentSEGMENTinfo to DWG with “Draw 3D”, some data got elevation -999999. Now for 3D, elevation is related to alignment elevation, or 0 if it is not able to use alignment elevation.

FIXED: Publish DWG removes all rotation in text and change the font to a very small font.

FIXED: Publish DWG missing symbols in Geotechnics boreholes presentation.

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