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Quadri 2023.3 Release Notes 

06-28-2023 02:02

QUADRI 2023.3

Release date: 28.06.2023

Click here for information about Known issues and Compatibility Breaks.


International Version


Quadri for Windows & Novapoint works with Windows 11


NEW: BCF Topics integrated in Quadri for Windows. Topics in Quadri for Windows will now access one of two currently available Topics services - BCF Topics or Quadri Topics - depending on what kind of project you are working on. When working on a Connected Project you will automatically access the BCF Topics also found in Trimble Connect. If you are still working on an older project on premise, you will access the older version, Quadri Topics. Learn more..


NEW: Object Sizes view available from ExplorerView

ENHANCEMENT: Speed up the execution of feature queries.

FIXED: Explorer shows tasks with hyphenated names in incorrect order.

FIXED: General bug fixing and enhancements.


NEW: Added conversion rule for SOSI 5.0 import

FIXED: Incorrect task results (net elements) after re-import of multiple LandXML files.

FIXED: LandXML inframodel export is wrong

FIXED: Import XML file via Trimble Connect - Set that LandXML is the default adapter. Before it was DANDAS.

FIXED: Import DWG with a point with block, then explode result gives strange import result where not all points are imported.

Conversion Rule Editor

FIXED: Some attributes was not saved when added to a conversion rule.


ENHANCEMENT: General improvements in Automation Tool.

FIXED: Sweep rad/diam bug. When re-calculating a sweep task in a model created with QfW2020, the rad/diam was changed to half the value.

FIXED: Volume tool produced data wrong, where FillLayer was missing.


FIXED: Problems with cut+paste in Presentation Rule Editor.

FIXED: Generic Property causes Table Presentation Settings to be slow.

FIXED: Table Presentation crash on ExportToSpreadSheet.


ENHANCEMENT: New functionality for export of IFC4.3:

  • Included a IFC4.3 export conversion rule for structures in the installation: “Export Structure to IFC4.3”
  • Added spatial breakdown structure examples for structures (ifcBridge and ifcBridgePart) in the association config.-file used for IFC4.3 export.
  • New functionality in the association config.-file used for IFC4.3 export: It is now possible to define the name of the spatial items and use the name to select the physical entities associated to the spatial entity.

FIXED: Uploading LandXML file to Trimble Connect doesn't work in some cases.

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