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Quadri ORD Connector v1.4 Release Notes 

11-01-2022 12:20

November 2022

New & Improved

This Quadri OpenRoads Designer Connector release includes these new features and enhancements:

“Select Objects” is now “Pick Objects”

  • Updated Terminology - To avoid confusion with the “Select Objects” task in Bentley OpenRoads Designer (ORD), the functionality and button for picking which objects to send from ORD to Quadri via the Connector has been renamed to “Pick Objects”.
  • Improved Object Selection - When selecting a parent node in the “Pick Objects” window, all child nodes will now be automatically selected too.
  • “Always on top” Toggle - You can now manually determine whether you would like the “Pick Objects” dialogue box to remain “always on top” via a manual checkbox.
  • Graphically “Pick Objects'' - You can now manually pick objects within the OpenRoads UI, using their cursor, before or after opening the “Pick Objects'' dialog. Once the desired objects are highlighted, clicking the “Synchronize to Selection” button will update the explorer to reflect these selections.

Improved Usability

  • Improved Navigation During Send - While sending data to Quadri, the OpenRoads Designer screen will no longer be “locked” if the Conversion Rules window is launched within Quadri.
  • Deleted Tasks - If you attempt to select a task that has been deleted in Quadri, a warning message will now appear to inform you that the task no longer exists.

Improved Performance

  • Improved performance while sending BREP and Parametric cells to Quadri reduces loading time.
  • Improved performance of gathering MicroStation geometries

Improved Quadri Data Transfer

  • Better data transfer functions - These are now supported:
    • Meshing of unsupported solids (extended elements, BREP cells with holes, etc)
    • Creation of bounded solids instead of TIN surfaces when meshing Bentley MicroStation solids
    • Import of utility/drainage links as meshes from OpenRoads to QuadriSupport meshing of unsupported solids (extended elements, BREP cells with holes, etc).
    • Exporting additional elements from OpenRoads to Quadri including:
      • Grouped Holes
      • Text Elements
      • Complex String Elements
      • Full Circles
      • Extended Element Solids
      • Cone Elements
      • Extrusion Solids
      • Arc Elements
      • Complex Shapes
      • Parametric Cells
      • Terrain Elements

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