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Quadri ORD Connector v1.5 Release Notes 

03-20-2023 08:57

New & Improved

This Quadri OpenRoads Designer Connector release includes these new features and enhancements:

Updated Interoperability

  • Connector now supports OpenRoads Designer 2022.
  • Connector now supports Quadri 2023.

Improved Usability

  • “Pick Objects” now resets when a new task is created. This will prevent you from
    selecting/sending data from a previous task by mistake.

Improved Quadri Data Transfer

  • Better data transfer functions - These are now supported:
    • Arrays and Structs. now includes the option in Settings for evaluating EC properties.
    • Profile parabolas and arcs/parabolas at the start and end of profiles to Quadri.
    • Exporting additional elements from OpenRoads to Quadri, including:
      • B-spline curve primitives
      • TextNode element
      • Rotated text information


This release also includes fixes for reported or discovered cases in which:

  • Arrays and Stucts. failed to send to Quadri from ORD when multiple items were on an object.
  • Conversion key values did not populate from the preview model for source sub-attributes on cells from OpenRoads to Quadri.
  • A design file had elements with no Feature Definition.
  • Alignments were being cleared by the Clear Task command.
  • Objects picked were being persisted.

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