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Quadri Release Notes 2022.4 

05-18-2022 08:01

See the PDF below for the full document with images.


  • ENHANCEMENT: Performance when deleting many tasks at the same time. Now the time is reduced.
  • ENHANCEMENT: Improved messages to the user regarding long file paths.
  • ENHANCEMENT: Added column chooser button in Dynamic Query
  • ENHANCEMENT: In Dynamic Query, when clicking Tasks the search field is active so you can start typing without clicking the field first.
  • FIXED: Use of genericProperty in Dynamic Querys global attribute filter.
  • FIXED: Render Error OCB1756 Bug (Quadri Crash)
  • FIXED: Translation of feature types is wrong when a user defined FeatureCatalog is used.


  • NEW: Add support for importing TTM-format: Trimble TIN Model File Format (*.ttm)
  • FIXED: WMS is not working properly when features are far away from the model's area of interest.
  • FIXED: DWG import where preview and finished import was different.
  • FIXED: Add CRS transformation for W&S-model when running QG4 transformation
  • FIXED: The Dynamic Query dialog for GUDB-import is now fixed so that the latest version of the dialog is used.

Note:  Some WMS servers, like “Norge i Bilder” now require special access from the WMS provider, and will not work unless you have that access.


Conversion Rule Editor

  • FIXED: featureName attribute not working in import and export


  • ENHANCEMENT: General bug fixes and improvements in the Volume tool.


  • ENHANCEMENT: New preview for classifications in IFC export, now moved from the bottom of the dialog, to the right in the list. Classifications were difficult to handle when you had too many rows. Also opening the classifications tab is much faster.
  • FIXED: When exporting to IFC with template, the classification information is not remembered.
  • FIXED: When setting classifications in IFC export, the next time you create a separate export, the classifications should not be remembered in the new task.
  • FIXED: Centerline text disappear under the road.


  • ENHANCEMENT: Updated Drone panel user interface in 3D presentations (previously helicopter mode).

Click here for information about Known issues and Compatibility Breaks.

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