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Release Notes | 01-19-2023 | Connect 3D Viewer 4.3.0 

01-19-2023 10:09

There is a new version of the Trimble Connect for Browser 3D Viewer available at Version identifier for this release 4.3.0.

To load the new version to your browser, click the refresh link when the version update message is displayed.

Important information for all Workspace API integrations:

If you are consuming the Workspace API to create extensions, or for embedding the Connect 3D viewer, please see important actions you must take before the end of Q1 / 2023:
see post in the Connect API Integrators forum.

This version update contains new features:

Date & Time Formatting: The date and time fields in the application follow the new Date Display Format and Time Display Format Preferences in the My Profile page. For more details, please see Trimble Connect for Browser 4.3.0 Release Notes.

This version update contains improvements:

  • Now long URLs are displayed in the properties panel in a compact manner: they are shortened with an ellipsis character and full URL is shown in a tooltip
  • Now the Organizer panel sorting selection is remembered for the current user session

This version update contains fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where the measurement tool became unresponsive with certain models.The issue was related to center snapping. Now the center snapping option has been removed from certain complex model objects
  • Fixed an issue where a project user was not able to update a View that had been shared with her
  • Fixed an issue where some models were not listed in the Models panel in projects with very large number of models in them (more than 50 000 files in the project)
  • Improved the viewer model loading ability to handle projects with extremely high number of models in them (hundreds of thousands of files in the project)
  • Fixed an issue which prevented resetting permissions for a custom extension if user had first denied adding the extension
  • Fixed an issue with the ToDo embedded View where the View didn’t always include changed object colors
  • Fixed a rendering problem with a DWG model where certain lines disappeared when zooming in
  • Fixed a problem where a SketchUp model rendered only partially
  • Fixed an issue with displaying models on a mobile device browser: sometimes models were not automatically fitted into view after loading them, requiring the user to manually click “Reset model” to make them visible


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01-20-2023 00:52

@Jari Juntunen, still no functionality for measuring slope? In civil engineering project (road and rail) this is a fundamental measure. I see that angle measurement is introduced, but it is not what we need. We need the input of two geometric points and the result of "dz / dxy​".

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