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Release Notes | 03-15-2021 | Connect 3D Viewer 1.0.177 

03-16-2021 10:07

There is a new version of the Trimble Connect for Browser 3D Viewer available at Version identifier for this release is: 1.0.177.


To load the new version to your browser, click the refresh link when the version update message is displayed.

This version update contains new features:


New filtering option in the Organizer panel: The new “in these models” filtering option in the Organizer panel filters the panel contents by the visible models. After applying the filter, only those Organizer groups which have links pointing to objects in currently visible models are visible in the panel.

Sort ToDos by status: There is a new sorting option in the ToDos panel that enables sorting by Status:

New display and performance related setting: in the settings panel, the display and performance related settings have been grouped under a new section. There is a new setting introduced: “Use reduced memory usage mode”. This setting is meant to be used under special conditions only and for that reason it is disabled by default. Enabling the setting reduces the memory usage of the application. The upside is that it can prevent application crashes when using a very limited memory mobile device (tablet or mobile phone). The downside is that enabling the setting will make the rendering of graphics slower. 

This version update contains improvements and fixes:


  • Status sharing extension (BETA) is now disabled by default in all new projects. The extension can be enabled by a project admin who has a Business Premium, Enterprise or Project license
  • Fixed an issue where the data table was not refreshed when an Organizer group changes 


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