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Release Notes | 04-21-2023 | Connect 3D Viewer 5.1.0 

04-21-2023 08:10

There is a new version of the Trimble Connect for Browser 3D Viewer available at Version identifier for this release 5.1.0.

To load the new version to your browser, click the refresh link when the version update message is displayed.

This version update has improvements:

  • Rule Based Organizer: Now all drop-down options of a property are listed in the Organizer panel when a drop-down property is used for grouping in the rule:

  • Now the application informs user if they are attaching / linking information into a model object that cannot be guaranteed to have a persistent globally unique identifier:

  • Now it’s possible to change the order of the Property Sets in the Property Set Manager page by dragging and dropping

  • Now the data table remembers the previously active column configuration preset between sessions (on the specific browser)

  • The data table column configuration (Add or remove properties) dialog’s name field has been improved: Now 1) first give the new preset name and 2) then click the Save / Save as button to create a new data table preset:


  • There are new options in the data table’s Save to Organizer feature:

    • Now there are 3 options:

      • 1) As a new group (the same as earlier behavior)

      • 2) As a subgroup (save as a subgroup of the group that is selected in the Organizer panel

      • 3) Replace selected group (replace the group that is selected in the Organizer panel)

This version update has fixes:

  • Fixed a UI layout problem in smaller device screen sizes where the Back button was misplaced

  • Fixed an issue where the “Enter VR Mode” button did not appear correctly when viewing with a VR headset

  • Fixed an issue with data table: After applying color filter and selecting a specific row, the filter was not reset when 'All Objects' mode was selected

  • Fixed an issue where the Publish button of the Property Set Manager was not visible after scrolling the page

  • Now it’s not possible to create a new Organizer group with the same name as an already existing group (duplicate name) anymore. This prevents an issue occurring where two groups with the same name get mixed together.


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