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Release Notes | 08-18-2022 | Connect 3D Viewer 1.4.32 

08-18-2022 09:41

There is a new version of the Trimble Connect for Browser 3D Viewer available at Version identifier for this release is: 1.4.32


To load the new version to your browser, click the refresh link when the version update message is displayed.

This version update contains new features:

Trimble Connect BCF Topics BETA

Please see the post Introducing Trimble Connect BCF Topics Beta

This version update contains improvements and fixes:


  • Clash detection improvement:
    • Added support for new TriangleMesh and TexturedTriangleMesh geometry types. These types of geometries are found in certain road and infrastructure models. Now the clash detection can detect clashes in models that have objects with these types of geometries.
  • Fixed an issue where the clash detection failed if the model name had special characters in it (å, ä, ö)
  • Fixed an issue with clash detection where incorrect amount of clashes and incorrect distance values were reported with a certain model
  • Now it is possible to control the visibility of different types of attachment icons separately: Files, ToDos and URLs:
  • Fixed an issue where certain characters (e.g. %) in DWG annotation did not display correctly


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